Seen through your eyes…


Look and look again…

Behind your eyes are rainbow colors, overflowing laughter and sweet smells.

Eyes wide-open, always.

So as to understand, adjust…  gain their love. This is your sustenance.

While, for our part, we slowly and arrogantly peel away the layers of your truth, your world… your innocence.

“… transmitting our frustrations, with warm milk and with each song…”

Forgive us for all this.


Workshops and courses for parents and early childhood educators & assistants



Accompanying a young boy or girl down life’s road is clearly a privilege.

Learning how to look at the world through his or her eyes is a chance to reconnect with the most authentic part of ourselves, with the child who, deep inside, we really are, even if this child is still asleep.

This is a passionate and sometimes tremendously disconcerting task.

The adult we think we are balks our attempts to perceive things closely and directly, and when we walk with our young children, it’s not unusual to feel a sense of disorientation.

We make efforts, our patience wears thin, we do what we can, but…

Do we actually understand? Are we really aware of how they feel? How they perceive things? Do we speak their language?

Usually the answer is no, while, in reality, there is no other solution beyond understanding in order to accompany and assist.

Only when we accompany with understanding and respect, can we bring the adult world they have to conquer within closer reach of our young ones, who, in us, find the true ally proffering the outstretched, helpful hand that will free them from always unnecessary “traumatizing” traumas.


For moms & dads, grandmas & grandpas, teachers, uncles & aunts, assistants…

For all those who are fortunate enough to venture down the road, accompanying a young child, hand in hand.





How does a child really feel things?

How a child perceives. What characterizes this process of perception.

How to assist and accompany young children effectively and positively.

Dedicated assistance which respects the process of growth. How to help young children adapt to a world which, for them is “unknown and incomprehensible”, in a non-traumatic way.

How to deal with anger and tantrums.

Common conflicts and possible solutions.

How to empower young children to solve conflicts.

The power of thought and how to use it properly..

Beginning from the Heart

Something begins… from and within you.

Something suggests a smile sketched in your heart.

Maybe you don’t yet know it, but it’s there.

It’s sprouting inside of you and this bud deserves all the loving attention on which every human being should be able to rely from the outset.

How? With affection, tenderness and a sense of complete care that embraces both of you.

Paying thoughtful attention to each facet that makes both of you grow.

Connecting with yourself and the child, tilling the land that you yourself are, so that his or her way through life be first and foremost one of light, helping you achieve the mutual goal, in which the looks you exchange say it all…


Workshops for expectant mothers and courses for maternity assistants


Each gestation is a whole world unto itself….

Because each mother is too.

The news of a wanted pregnancy, at best, unleashes an overflow of joy, in which dreams soar, while giving rise to an awareness that every care needs to be taken.

You experience your future baby as a precious project growing within you and which you must protect up to the long-desired moment you can hold that baby in your arms.

You know you should be looking after yourself.

You know you should be doing some exercise.

You know you should be following a balanced diet. . .

But. . .

Do you know that your emotions and thoughts directly affect your future child?

Do you know that communication with you is of vital importance, including for your child’s future as an adult and do you know which language your baby understands?

You can turn this knowledge into a tool of incalculable value which will enable you to offer your child the most prized of gifts – a gestation fit to light up the way to life.


“Being aware of your baby’s emotional needs both before and after birth and being able to fulfil them is possible”


for future moms and dads


In an effective and unsuspected way, PRENATAL EMOTIONAL PREPARATION helps the future mother go down that marvelous road of her own gestation, strengthening the emotional bond with her future child, eliminating the tensions which affect her baby and helping her achieve a single, clear goal that will lead to the most gratifying of endings:

“Holding a happy baby in her arms, after conscious gestation and harmonious childbirth”

Does my baby perceive and sense things during pregnancy?



How can I create a genuine bond with my child before birth?



What about dad, what is his true role during gestation and childbirth?



Can I help my baby be born better?



How can I generate the best for my baby?


Thought and empowerment

If we are to comprehend pain, as if it were any form of suffering, it is inevitable that the notion of its necessity should be questioned. Our feeling of vulnerability engendered by this situation has, in my opinion, been one of the great constraints in our evolution and the burgeoning of our freedom. The prospects are now, however, ripe with promise…

Based on and endorsed by over forty years of experience, the findings and discoveries of Dr. Escudero in this field leave no room for doubt. The unequivocal influence of thought in each and every facet of life, together with the power that man derives from his resolve, open up sluicegates to a whole new hopeful future.

Everyone is endowed with an internal, almost unsuspected capacity to attract everything that is positively imaginable into their life. A capacity which cannot be passed over any more.

Men and women have, however, to exercise their ability to choose freely, take beneficial decisions for themselves and for all and there is nothing more liberating than divesting oneself of fear and the countless traumas that bolster it and, at the most tender outset of their existence, forge that marvelous tool of PMF that will enable new beings to be received into this world with the love, joy and respect they deserve.


Courses, Talks and Conferences on Noesiology & Noesitherapy

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