Mai’s Short Stories

This project was clearly fueled by a sense of enthusiasm, combining 3 of my great passions – psychology, writing and children.

I have always been fascinated by the world in which young children live. Their clear and direct way of seeing and feeling things -comprising both joy and sadness- has awoken me to the fact that their way of perceiving life is something that transcends conventional wisdom.

The therapy I exercise today provides a window onto the specific and sometimes unsuspected characteristics of the way young children view the world.

These short stories are written from their eyes, while at the same time aiming to give grown-ups an in-depth understanding that will help people accompany young children with a mutual sense of fulfilment.

Themes are as varied as life itself, which children observe with open eyes and open hearts. Everything is seen from their point of view, their reality, with the delicacy and respect they deserve.

I’d be delighted if you could join me a while as we go down the road and explore this child’s world. At the same time, the venture will also be a journey where we can rediscover a little who we ourselves are…

…or maybe “a lot”.

These stories are written from the heart, from the indelible memory of my own needs as a child, whose flame I manage to keep alive and which helps me see life with sensitivity and maintain my thirst for enthusiasm.

Shall we begin?


A short story for grown-ups which children can read… and vice versa

…illustrating how others value one’s distinctive characteristics, in particular the different ways in which children and grown-ups perceive the world, which need to be interwoven and incorporated when the time is right if one is to mature properly.


…empowering the sense of cooperation.


…comprising exercises for parents, assistants and young children to help recognize the characteristics of the two hemispheres of the brain that color the way we experience the world.


This is a short story which arose from the need to tell our little ones, in their own language, about how NOESIOLOGY and NOESITHERAPY came to be created and what their founding principles are, so that they can understand and learn how to use such a valuable tool throughout their lives.

In turn, it outlines the path of its creator, Dr. Ángel Escudero, to whom I repeat my thanks for the illustrations and narrative audio (in Spanish) which is included and was recorded by the Doctor himself.

It should be noted in particular that his voice was used in the research work carried out by Dr. Masaru Emoto, on the formation of various crystallizations in water, depending on the messages received, producing precious forms that confirm the beneficial qualities of Dr. Escudero’s voice.

Enjoy it!