People have never ceased to fascinate me at each and every stage of their development, whether it be in what makes them feel, suffer and live, or what, quite simply, makes them human.
After seeing Hitchcock’s “Spellbound” at the age of 8, I knew my path lay in psychology, which is how things turned out.
Life and work took me down other roads, but never “off-track”, and understanding the human psyche continued to intrigue me. Courses, workshops, studies… Everything gradually fueled my growing interest for the subject, which wouldn’t go away.
Meanwhile, another clear vocation was developing in a natural and almost imperceptible way in the form of writing. For me, writing has always been the easiest means of communication, to the extent that, today, it is an up-stage activity in my professional life.
If previously I expressed my interest for human beings in general, I now have to confess my passion for children in particular. Their unique “logic” never ceases to amaze and fascinate me, the way in which they see the world, how they try and adapt to our so-called adult world, and how they strive to slot into it.
Living alongside them and experiencing the way in which they unwittingly convey “hidden” lessons is something which enthralls, I might even say “spellbinds” me.
I had the privilege of being able to be trained in this perception and discover a world which today I can qualify as simply fascinating.
My growing interest led me to study the period when this future child and human being is taking shape in his or her mother’s womb. There is much to be “said” about this time -you would be surprised just how much- as well as its importance in determining his or her adult life.
Shall we discover it together?
My workshops, courses and talks give me an opportunity to transmit this knowledge with enthusiasm, convinced of all the benefits that come from a more in-depth understanding of our young children and what this implies both for them and for the emergence of a future, more human society.
Today my three passions -psychology, writing and children- have merged to give birth to a no less enthralling project in the form of short stories.
Reading and sharing these stories with our little ones will provide you with a window on how they view the world in their own, very special way.

 For all those who have the huge responsibility and privilege of accompanying a young boy or girl through life, hand in hand. 

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